Flexible monthly payment plans!

Split the cost of your order over a couple of months and enjoy the experience of an eBike sooner than you thought.


How does it work? (Klarna)

Klarna is an online payment provider, which will allow you to checkout and buy your eBike as normal. But, you get to pay for it in monthly installments instead of a one off payment.


For example,

1. Your eBike costs $1000,
2. You select "Buy now, pay later with Klarna" at the checkout page,

    3. You click "Complete Order",
    4. After clicking “Complete Order”, you will be redirected to Buy now, pay later with Klarna to complete your purchase securely'
    5. Klarna will confirm your available monthly payment plan before you pay,
    6. You agree and complete the order with Klarna,
    7. We then immediately deliver your eBike.


      Is it interest free?

      It is interest free if you pay off within 12 months.


      18, 24 or 36 months have a variable interest rate attached.


      To check how much you'll be paying monthly, simply go to the eBike page. Click on the Klarna box below the pricing. It looks like this: